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Sydney Weekender

Mike Whitney from Prime 7 “Sydney Weekender” came to Aranyani Bison to have a personal tour of the Ranch by owners Damen and Shannon Wells.  Watch the exclusive behind the scenes footage of the crew filming the “Sydney Weekender” segment at Aranyani Bison.  What a top bloke Mike is.

Aranyani Bison

This video clip shows you some of Aranyani’s activities set to some tribal music.


Tahya was born blind and has quickly become a favourite with our guests.  She loves affection and delights everyone who meets her.  You’ll definetely want to meet her when you come to Aranyani Bison.  Although the we didn’t get the friendship we wanted them to develop because Chico is so cheeky, follow Tahya to see how her world develops at Aranyani.

KIDS Foundation

The KIDS Foundation is a leading injury prevention and injury recovery organisation that directly reaches more than 30,000 children each year. Our goal is to keep children safe and to create a better life for those living with serious injury and burns.  They stayed at Aranyani Bison during their fundraising ride to raise money for their cause.  The loved it so much we were fortunate to have them return the following year.  Check out the wonderful work they do at the KIDS Foundation website.

Sydney Weekender

Mike Whitney gets an argo tour with owners Damen and Shannon Wells.  There are a lot of activities at Aranyani Bison, some of them featured here in this clip.